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Whatever strategy works for you, Antoine believes that the best way to level up as a developer is to get better at learning. If you can hack learning, and be intentional about it in your daily workflow and daily life, then you’ll never feel like you’re falling behind. “As I’ve said before, you can’t learn everything”, he says, and knowing not only what to learn but how to use what you engage with effectively is the most sustainable way to grow. If he’s answered “no” to all of them, it’s a good case for just automating the thing. Antoine knows that he has blindspots, and that there’s a wealth of knowledge and perspective in his team.

  • There are a ton of stories about Software Engineering, coding languages, and security topics that will grab your attention.
  • Cornelius specializes in graphic, UI, UX and visual design for mobile applications and other interactive technologies.
  • He found that if you aren’t deliberate about levelling up, learning can quickly feel overwhelming.
  • This includes design, heuristic assessments and user testing with blind and partially sighted people.
  • They bring a lot of experience in building apps with React Native and could help you spot planning holes early on.
  • Instead of two separate development teams, React Native would need just one for both your iOS and Android versions.

These are the kind of people you’ll find in all the above listed communities, ready to help you move up to the next level. Another goal is to help spread the word about Lua to the tech industry and academia. If you want to specialize in Python and stay up with the language’s latest features, this is the right community for you to join. Their aim is to be open about how transparency can be improved, provide the community with opportunities to interact with the organization, and be responsive to any suggestions community members ask.

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Small cells have a number of attributes which can be used to create compelling new mass-market mobile applications. They provide highly accurate location information so developers can build applications that automatically trigger when users enter, or leave, a home, office, shop or public space. For example, in Japan, mobile operators are making revenue from a small cell service which alerts parents when their children arrive home from school.

What does a developer community do?

Developer communities are types of marketing channels where peer-to-peer conversations and authentic engagement are most likely to take place among developers, programmers and other people involved in developing computer software and applications.

It’s also considered a direct competitor to Flutter in many ways. Instead of two separate development teams, React Native would need just one for both your iOS and Android versions. Your app gets more cost effective to maintain and improve—directly rewarding your users with timely updates.

Building Error after updating to Xcode 14.3, now can’t build even with 14.2

Top tech companies use this platform to share their expertise. It is an open forum where each member is able to share experience, explore ideas, and offer support to upcoming developers. I want to help those of you who are looking for a good community to join according to your interests and skills. So I’ve gathered a few of the top communities that focus on the front-end, back-end, blogging, and more to help you get started and meet your fellow developers. In other words, being part of a developer community can really help you learn how to code.

Every month, we seem to hear about a new data breach, showing us that not even large companies are immune to having its information or systems compromised. Today, Western Digital has released a statement, sharing that it experienced a “network security incident involving some of its systems” on March 26. Microsoft is working on some major improvements for the quick notes experience in the OneNote app for Windows desktop, which some Microsoft 365 Insiders can test right now.


My application has more than 10k downloads and the users are now not able to download or update it. Hacker News is a social news website focusing on computer science and entrepreneurship. As mentioned on their website, you can post anything that gratifies one’s intellectual curiosity.

The organization helps hundreds of thousands of women get into the education sector of computer science. The goal is to provide computer science education to more than 1 million young women. It hosts developers from around the globe who come to seek answers to their coding challenges and ask questions about their errors. This is a private community for developers, freelancers, and tech creators who want to grow their audience through writing online. Just like most communities, it’s in the forum where you get to post different questions and find solutions to other questions. With the free plan you get limited resources in the community, but with the premium you get unlimited access to courses, books, featured tech talks, and more.

Introducing v7 Performant apps made easy

This framework is good for building responsive sites with the help of popular front-end component libraries. Bootstrap is a popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for UI components and interactions. The community focuses on and discusses the latest trends and how to become a mobile developer tips ragarding development using Bootstrap. Just as the name says, this is a community of graphic designers and 3D artists. It’s true – when you lend someone a helping hand, you feel a lot better about yourself, and you will likely learn something new.

Where can you find developer community?

  • 1- GitHub.
  • 2- Stack Overflow.
  • 3- HackerNews.
  • 4- Hackernoon.
  • 5- Hashnode.
  • 6- freeCodeCamp.
  • 7- Women Who Code.
  • 8- CodeProject.